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Genetic Game is back after Covid-19. GAA All Ireland Senior Championship most of the time starts in June but this year schedule delay and start in October. It’s the most popular game in Ireland sports fans.

They enjoy GAA Football & Hurling in the running season every weekend. The current champion of All Ireland Senior Hurling Tipperary. And All Ireland Football Champion is Kerry. Croke Park is the most popular stadium for GAA lovers it’s located in Dublin. This year Croke Park maybe audience fewer causes of Covid-19. The Fans were already got a refund for their pre-order tickets.

The GAA Clubs Football & Hurling Championship are already running in July with maintenance some Covid-19 rules. Each of the players must be test Covid-19 before joining a game & a Covid-19 booth in each stadium. The GAA Allianz Football & Hurling was postponed due to Covid-19. The Allianz league restart on 18 October and after that, all postponed games will restart one by one. Keep following our blog for new updates in GAA upcoming events & fixtures.

GAA King Stadium Croke Park opens with the match Dublin V Meath Allianz Football League Division one Round 6 Match in October and Ending with All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final in December. We expect all Matches are running the new schedule time and end without call off a single match. Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stop Covid-19. Keep following us for Least GAA fixture & Updates